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Changing Trends in Transportation #SportsColiseum
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Changing Trends in Transportation #SportsColiseum

The cycling culture is developing rapidly in Singapore. Earlier, there was a sense of hostility in the attitude of motorcyclists and car owners towards the bicyclists taking up the space on roads. However, going by the increasing number of bicycle shop Singapore, it seems that the island country has largely overcome this attitude problem. There is a renewed interest equally among the youth as well as the older generations to switch to cycling as an alternative mode of transport.

The change came as a gradual outcome of increased health consciousness in today's society. Cycling went on to become a habit from being a mere interest and now it's a passion for many. This has naturally led the Singapore's bicycle market to flourish. People love to take up cycling for the purpose of local transport and other short distance journeys. Also, the racing culture is gearing up. People love to participate in all kinds of racing events and marathons for charity purpose. Consequently, the demand for racing bikes has increased considerably over the years. This is just one type of bicycles that are in huge demand. The demand for mountain bikes and hybrids is also gearing up.

You enter any bicycle shop Singapore and you would find the latest models from brands like Viva, Creme, Linus, Budnitz and many more. There is an innumerable variety for customers to choose from. One can go for regular bikes, trek bikes, hybrids or racing bikes as per his requirements. All these specifications are available in both men and women category in most of the shops. Given the competitive bicycle market, customers find it easy to purchase bikes at affordable prices. With sale season comes an extra reason to smile for bikers as they can get their much awaited bikes for relatively low prices.

One finds himself in a one-stop-all-solution-shop when he enters a bicycle shop Singapore. Apart from buying a trendy bike for oneself, one can also avail all the services related to bikes like bike fitting, repairing, seat adjustment, etc. at these shops since they generally have an excellent pool of professionally trained mechanics. When it comes to bike repair, people generally feel uneasy about leaving their bikes with the mechanic for a couple of days together.

However, one finds it easy to rely on these shops instead of individual mechanics because he knows that his bike is in safe hands. These are almost like bike care centers which cater to all possible issues related to bicycles. Some shops are even selling bike accessories like headgear, seat cover, baskets, bags and much more. Apparels for racing events can also be purchased from these shops itself.

The change towards greener mode of transportation as against the conventional ones has set in. Given the environmental as well as health benefits of regular cycling, this is a positive step not only for the market but society as a whole. The challenge now is to push it even further so that it becomes an integral part of everyday life.

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