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Self Defence and Judo #SportsColiseum
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Self Defence and Judo #SportsColiseum

Judo is a form of martial sport originated from Japan. It was created by Jigoro Kano with self-defence in mind; hence the name translates "Gentle Way." The purpose of this sport is to restrain your opponent through a series of powerful and elegant throwing techniques and dynamic groundwork such as arm locks and strangles. This sport has been widely advertised and introduced as a suitable self-defence art for women in America, the very first classes being for women only.

Whether the Judo techniques inclined towards impairing movement rather than attacking were taken into consideration or the fact that Jigoro Kano was known to have been a thin sickly teenager was the reason why the Judo advertising campaigns were targeting women is not clear, but judo was considered for a long time a women only sport in the western countries. In the meantime however, this sport has become very popular among people of all ages and genders. In fact, Judo is a preferred sport for children because of its focus on character development and morality.

Nowadays, you can take up judo in many parts of the world including Australia, as its popularity skyrocketed after becoming an official Olympic sport in 1964. If you wish to practice judo, you will be pleased to learn that you will find a great number of reputable instructors ready to help you learn not only how to defend yourself, but also to gain self-confidence and strengthen your spirit.

Judo has always been an art of mystery, because of the easiness with which people get thrown to the ground, not to mention how fast they get up without showing any signs of injury. Considering the fact that falling is associated with injury, seeing someone fly in the air and fall to the ground only to jump up on their feet a second later is thrilling and amazing in many ways. While judo focuses on throwing techniques and ground work, falling is the first thing you learn during judo classes. People find this sport surprising and interesting because of its elegant, yet dynamic movements. Judo techniques are good for self-defence because of the sense of power you attain while training. You become capable of restraining someone with a larger build than yourself and this confidence shows.

The world outside is full of dangers and judo offers people the power and determination to win against all odds. This sport teaches you that you can always get up after falling down; that no matter how grim the situation and even when your feet and arms are locked you can always rely on your own strength to escape. Self-defence is not only about gaining the power to fight off your attacker; it is also about getting rid of the victim mentality. You will learn how to avoid getting cornered and how keep your calm during any kind of situation. Armed with what you have learned and the experience you attained during judo training, you can protect yourself and your family from harm more easily.

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